2.301 RBBK Series

(6), (9), (12) Nozzle Budget Sequencing Fountain Kit; includes reservoir tank.

The RBBK Series Budget Sequencing Fountain Kit is a  pre-engineered and pre-packaged ‘KIT’ for assembly on site. Available with 6, 9, or 12 nozzles. Programmable sequencing is available for this kit. Complete installation drawings included. Kit is designed for “SMALL FOOTPRINT” applications, where a budget priced, easy-to-install system with a minimum of complexity in wiring and controls, is required.  The RBBK System can be installed as a “Dry Deck” fountain or as a “Traditional Basin” system and is available with or without a reservoir tank.  Please refer to the cut sheet for additional details.

Note: For Kits with LED Lights please see the RBBK-LED Series and the RBBK-S-LED Series.

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