2.107 RCK-150-B

2.107 RCK-150-B

RCK-150-B Cascade Nozzle Kit with White LED Lights

The RCK-150-B Cascade Nozzle Kit provides a coordinated selection of components, pre-engineered and tested to produce a highly aerated conical column of water. The Cascade Nozzle kit offers ease of installation and low installed equipment cost. White ETL Listed freestanding LED submersible lighting is included for nighttime viewing. The RCK-150-B includes: 1-1/2″ machined brass cascade nozzle, a bronze U.L. Listed submersible pump, bronze submersible junction boxes, brass conduit slab penetration fittings, and a mechanical water make-up unit. The kit also includes a power supply enclosure, an overflow drain, a floor drain, a brass/copper nozzle riser with support base, as well as hose/clamp connections and regulating/bypass valves as required. 120V., single phase power with 20 Amp G.F.C.I. breaker for each pump circuit, and 15 Amp G.F.C.I. breaker for each lighting circuit. Please refer to the cut sheet for model selections, suggested pool diameters, and additional information.


  • Fountain kits are pre-engineered for a 16″ operating water depth.
  • 10″ minimum wall thickness required for sidewall overflow fitting; 8″ for standpipe type overflow fitting

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