2.101 RCSK Series

2.101 RCSK Series

RCSK Series Combination Cascade Nozzle/Brass Spray Ring Fountain Kit with White LED Lighting

The RCSK Series Combination Cascade Nozzle/Brass Spray Ring Fountain Kit provides a coordinated selection of components that are pre-engineered and tested to produce a ‘classic’ spray pattern.  The Cascade Nozzle/Spray Ring Kit offers ease of installation.  White LED submersible lighting is included for nighttime viewing.  The RCSK Series features a single-piece center bronze cascade nozzle, a brass spray ring with adjustable precision jets, a bronze U.L. Listed submersible pump,  White ETL Listed freestanding LED lights, a lighting power supply enclosure, a bronze U.L. Listed submersible junction boxes, and brass conduit slab penetration fittings.  The kit also includes a power supply enclosure, a mechanical water make-up unit, an overflow drain, a floor drain, copper/brass manifolding with support feet, and additional connections and regulating valves.  This kit is available in four (4) different nozzle/spray ring sizes to allow for appropriate pairing of the feature display and the pool size.  Please see the cut sheet for kit size selections, technical data, and additional information.


  •  Fountain kits are pre-engineered for a 16″ operating water depth.
  • 10″ minimum wall thickness required for sidewall overflow fitting; 8″ for standpipe type overflow fitting.

2.1 RCSK Series



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