2.201 RDAS Series

Floating Fountain Kit

The RDAS Floating Decorative Aerator System Series standard floating fountains provides the installer a coordinated selection of components, pre-engineered and tested to produce an aerated water pattern. Floating Fountain Kits are available in a range of operating heights and spray patterns.   Standard floating fountains offer ease of installation and low installed equipment cost. An optional submersible lighting kit is available for night time viewing. Anchor ropes and anchors are by Installer. The RDAS consists of a a resin impregnated fiberglass flotation platform, a stainless steel submersible pump, an interchangeable spray nozzle, a 50 foot motor cable, and optional lighting system with 50 foot cables.  Additionally, U.L. Listed system control panel is included.  Please refer to the cut sheet for configurations and additional information.


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