March 3, 2019

The Sandy Springs City Center is located in the heart of Sandy Springs, GA.  The city was annexed from unincorporated Fulton County in 2005 and is the second largest city in the Metro Atlanta area.  In 2012, the city adopted a Master Plan to create a walkable area to serve as the civic and cultural center for the new city.  A Site Development Plan was approved in 2014.  Roman Fountains collaborated with Aqua Design International (water feature designer), Holder Construction (general contractor), Ruppert Landscape (landscaping contractor), and Aqua Underground (installer) to create one of the largest collections of water features in the Southeast.

Roman Fountains collaborated on six (6) fountains on the project.

Sandy Springs Preforming Arts Center FountainPerforming Arts Center Fountain:   The largest of the fountains, this feature faces the busy main thoroughfare and highlights the impressive Performing Arts Center.   It is a two-level basin with the upper level containing one (1) 4” Cascade Nozzles, twenty-seven (27) 1-1/2” Cascade Nozzles, and (6) 1-1/4” Cascade Nozzles.   Water flows over four weir edges into the lower pool.  The lower pool contains nineteen (19) column jets.  The feature is illuminated by RGB color changing lights.Sandy Springs City Center Arrival Court Fountain

Arrival Court Fountain:  This fountain is in the roundabout near the ticket booth for the Performing Arts Center.  This is a circular fountain with a single vertical 3” Jet Cluster Nozzle.  Eight (8) ‘jumping jets’ produce a laminar flow that arcs toward the center jet.  The ‘jumping jets’ are programmed to ‘jump’ at various intervals toward the center.  RGB Lights color changing lights illuminate the fountain.

Waterwall FountSandy Springs City Center Water Wallain:  The waterwall meanders along the edge of the green space next to a covered seating area. It acts as a divider between the large building complex and the green space.    It a long linear fountain that begins at one end with a large 3” Cascade nozzle and flows over weir edges with forty (4) 1” column jets along the way.  The feature is illuminated with Freestanding, ‘Donut-hole’, and Niche-Mounted color changing LED lights.

West and  Plaza Fountains:  The West and  Plaza Fountains welcome visitors to the west side of the complex.  An asymmetrical fountain in a traditional basin and a children’s’ splash pad are included in this area of the development.  The asymmetrical fountain basin runs along the pedestrian sidewalk an contains cascade nozzles with lighting to produce a foamy effect.  The splash pad has nine (9)  jumping jets,  eight (8) Led/Nozzle niche assemblies, and eight (8) LED/Nozzle slab hanging assemblies and should be operational this spring.Sandy Springs Center West Plaza FountainSandy Springs City Center Splashpad








Market Plaza:  ThiSandy Springs City Center Market Squares fountain is at the access point to the retail portion of the complex.  This stunning fountain is a classic style with a brick clad multi-tiered basin.  The upper basin holds a single 3” Cascade nozzle in the center surrounded by six (6) 1-1/4” Cascade nozzles.  Water then flows over a weir edge to the lower basin which holds an additional six (6) 1-1/4” Cascade nozzles.  The fountain is illuminated at night with Freestanding White LED lights.