November 3, 2017

The Battery Atlanta is commercial area developed adjacent to SunTrust Park in Cobb County, Georgia.  It is a mixed use development that includes retail, restaurants, a hotel, living and office space, as well as the Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre.  Roman Fountains teamed with the landscape architect, HGOR, to design five separate water features at The Battery. HGOR is focused on designing great places for people, places which support clear returns on investment and provide a stewardship ethic for future generations.

At the main entrance to SunTrust Park is the interactive dry-deck fountain with colored lights and programmed jets.  It is a popular feature with both children and adults during Atlanta’s hot summers.  Two curving features that each hold sixty (60) Bubbler nozzles equipped with RGB ‘Donut Hole’ Lights surround an open green space that is utilized for pre-game activities as well as a viewing area for games home and away.  The large screen at one end of the Battery is backed by a glass water wall with color changing lights.  Behind the glass water wall is a set of stairs that descends alongside a massive concrete water wall feature. This is a fifty feet wide water wall nestled between the exit staircase and the Omni Hotel.  The water in this feature drops approximately twenty-five feet, cascading over steps into an intermediate  pool.  From there, the water flows through a set of stainless steel weirs into the lower pool.  This waterfall is illuminated with color changing lights which make this a spectacular feature when viewed at night.

Once again, Roman Fountains partnered with Aqua Underground for the installation of all features in The Battery.  The equipment for the water features is located in one direct burial equipment vault and two separate equipment rooms located in the parking garage below the plaza level.

Battery Atlanta Waterwall

The Battery Atlanta