Built on a foundation of 60+ years of experience, Roman Fountains is your resource for all of your water feature needs. We understand that you need an expert resource, so our focus is to eliminate worry from the equation. We are the expert mechanical, electrical, and plumbing partner for all your water feature needs.

What Landscape Architects are Saying About Us:

“They were very responsive and understood our goals….it was a perfect experience.”




Design Concept

Developing the concept of a water feature project is a complex process. Whether we are discussing nozzle selection, synchronized lighting, or where the mechanical equipment will be stored, we will help guide you through the process by asking the relevant questions to create a successful water feature. We’ll make sure budgets, deadlines, and functionality are addressed early in the project to meet your requirements. The earlier in that process that we are involved, the better the outcome. Delivering expert advice at no charge is just part of what we do.


In some cases more detailed information is required. In these cases, we offer design services for a fee. Roman Fountains offers very detailed technical information, including preliminary engineering drawings and defined system requirements. We also have the ability to provide 3D animation to enable you to see your project come to life. We make ourselves available to help with presentations and meetings to move the project forward. In some cases the fee for this service may be applied toward the purchase of a water feature system.


One question that always comes up is how much will a water feature cost. We have created a few tools to help you with basic estimation, including an online calculator. This tool is for preliminary pricing only, as each feature’s requirements is unique to each project. For more detailed pricing we always encourage you to contact us. By choosing Roman Fountains you will get the expertise required to get accurate pricing early in the process. With over 55 years of experience we know the right questions to ask so that nothing gets left to chance in the development of your project. Once the system requirements are defined we will be able to provide you a detailed quote for exact pricing.


The engineering portion of the process is what makes your water feature work. We have access to a variety of manufacturers and are not limited to what we can design. Therefore, we can provide a system that utilizes synergistic components for peak performance. Because of this, each system is engineered with four main objectives: making sure the water feature operates at optimal levels, ease of installation and maintenance, reduced life-cycle cost, and meeting the budget requirements. On full system orders we furnish a complete set of shop/installation drawings. These drawings include complete product installation details, general installation notes, full plan, section and elevation views, piping diagrams, wiring diagrams and general installation details.

Manufacturing & Sourcing

Once we receive your approval of the drawing we move right into the manufacturing and sourcing part of the process. In some cases we manufacture our own components, while in others we source from trusted manufacturers. Through our experience we have gained knowledge in what products create the greatest synergistic value. By using a combination of manufacturers we take the best of what everyone offers in order to create the best system for you.


Once all equipment has been received we begin the assembly and testing process. During this phase of the project is when we assemble equipment vaults or skids and program the control panel. As equipment is assembled it moves to the indoor/outdoor testing area. All critical equipment is tested for appearance, function, and flow and pressure data. Additional full mock-up testing is another service that we offer.

Delivery & Installation

One constant requirement that Roman Fountains takes great pride in is meeting deadlines. By working at the early stages of the process we can help guide the project so that all deadlines are met on time. Oftentimes, delivery will take place in multiple stages in order to meet the job site requirement, with the embedded portion of the system being shipped early.

Proper installation is a key function of the process to ensure that your water feature performs at optimal levels. While Roman Fountains does not provide installation services, we have created a network of trusted installers that we maintain relationships with. When field revisions are required Roman Fountains will be there to help execute approvals for your project. Please contact us for help with selecting a qualified installer.

Start Up

After installation is complete the next step is the startup of the feature. This involves regulating flow rates, determining Ph levels, synchronizing lights and music (when required), and confirming all nozzles are operating at their optimal performance level. In some instances Roman Fountains will be on site to perform this service. In other cases the installer will work with us and conduct the startup process.

Maintenance & Support

Our foundation is built on 55 years of expertise and excellence. We will continue to be here for the long-term maintenance and support of your water feature. Roman Fountains is able to provide replacement parts, repair advice and renovation designs if needed.