Here is a list of questions that may be helpful when considering Roman Fountains for your fountain design and equipment needs. If you have a question not addressed in these FAQs, please contact us.

What exactly does Roman Fountains do?

Roman Fountains designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of architectural fountain equipment, components and systems primarily sold for commercial use nationwide and internationally. This includes nozzles, submersible lighting and junction boxes, drain and return fittings, water level control systems, pump and filter systems, and electrical controls.

How long has Roman Fountains been in business?

Roman Fountains was founded in southern California in 1959. The company relocated to New Mexico in the late 1960’s. We are the oldest continuously operating privately owned architectural fountain company in the U.S.

Where is Roman Fountains located?

Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in North Venice, Florida. Our design and sales office is located in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, we have a distribution affiliate in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

What insurance coverage does Roman Fountains carry?

We carry broad form coverage including products liability and professional design liability insurance. A copy of our insurance coverage form can be viewed and printed by clicking here.

Does Roman Fountains offer products and systems for residential home use?

While we are primarily a commercial manufacturer and supplier to the landscape architectural and commercial construction industry, we do have products and systems that are used in high-end residential projects.  We recently introduced our ‘RBBK’ sequencing fountain kit for customers with a limited budget, but who want a quality, easy to install interactive fountain system. We also supply a small line of products for swimming pool applications.

How much does a fountain system cost?

Each system can be very different in terms of size and complexity, and pricing can vary widely. Roman Fountains offers an estimating calculator to provide you with a budget guideline for creating your next water feature. For more detailed pricing please contact us.

Does Roman Fountains install?

Roman fountains is not an installer, but we have furnished equipment throughout the world and have established relationships with a large handful of installation contractors. Please contact us for a suggested installation contractor in your area.

How can I get a catalog of your products?

You can  view our catalog on the website. In addition, you have the ability to download PDF and CAD files directly from this site. Please email for a quotation.

Does Roman Fountains have test facilities?

Yes, we have an indoor-outdoor test tank in North Venice, FL. This test facility is used to perform quality control tests on all critical equipment items. Including tests on certain effects to ascertain appearance, function, flow and pressure data. We also have the ability to perform specific mock up tests for customers who request and purchase the service as part of their order. Otherwise, there may be a cost involved for mock up tests based on time and materials required to run the test. A video clip can be provided of the test results if requested.

How can I purchase Roman Fountains products and services?

You can call 877-794-1802 or email to obtain a price quote. All products are shipped from North Venice, FL.  An acceptable written purchase order or signed quotation is required and all orders accepted are subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale and warranty form. In an effort to keep our prices fair and our customer service response time fast we do not, as a rule, sell through independent agents or representatives.

Are your design services 'free'?

Depending on the nature of the request and complexity of the project we may charge a design fee that can be credited against the purchase of the complete system from Roman Fountains. We also offer ‘design services only’ for a fee for those clients who require very detailed technical information for evaluation and bidding purposes, but who cannot commit to an equipment purchase order. Contact our sales and design office for assistance. We are always available to provide unlimited telephone consultation and advice.

Will you manufacture a custom or special item for me?

We are happy to evaluate your request and provide a price estimate on receipt of a full and detailed drawing of your item.  Please contact our sales and design office for additional information.

Does Roman Fountains furnish shop/installation drawings with its equipment?

On general parts orders we include a product data and component installation sheet. On full system orders we furnish a complete set of shop/installation drawings after the order has been officially placed and all terms and conditions satisfied. Our shop drawings include complete product installation details, general installation notes, full plan, section and elevation views, piping diagrams, wiring diagrams and general installation details. If you already have a fountain system drawing from an architect it is important that we review it to be certain what is designed and specified is complete, accurate and applicable for the project.

Does Roman Fountains issue engineer stamped/sealed shop drawings?

As a rule, no. We are a specialty design and manufacturing company. We are not a PE firm.

What are your payment terms?

Most casual transactions for component items are paid with a major credit card.  However, due to the highly specialized and often ‘custom’ nature of a system project, an advance deposit payment is required to enter an order, and progress payments may be required thereafter.  Each project and customer is evaluated to determine the most appropriate payment method.

What is your return policy?

Standard (non custom) catalog products and materials may be returned freight prepaid for account credit in accordance with our returns policy and RMA procedure. Time limits may be imposed and a restocking fee may be charged. All warranty claims are subject to our warranty claims and verification procedure. Returns made without an RMA number will be returned to sender. All returns for credit are subject to factory inspection of the return item.  Products must be received unused and in the original packaging.

What is the average shipping time for your products and systems?

It can vary. Most standard component items can be shipped within three days.  Larger and more complex system orders will have longer lead times. Typically concrete pour embed items can be shipped within 10 business days with the remainder of the equipment in 30 work days. Formal approvals may be required prior to fabrication and shipment and can extend lead times.

Does Roman Fountains belong to any industry associations?

We are corporate members of ASLA, AIA, and APSP. (Click for more information on these organizations). We strongly believe in supporting the organizations and members who specify and purchase our products and services.

When is the best time to get Roman Fountains involved in my project?

Immediately! The sooner we are involved the better the outcome. From our many years of experience we are able to ensure the project gets started on the right track so the outcome meets everyone’s expectations. If necessary and warranted, we can meet with you in person to review the project and offer preliminary design input. You are always welcome to visit us to inspect our facilities and operations.

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