The Asheville Outlet fountain in Asheville, NC is a classic fire and water feature. It consists of a circular pool with two cast concrete bowls. A central flame element rises from the center of the top bowl. Additionally, water enters the second bowl and flows over the edge to the lower basin. Water is then recirculated through the pumping station. Night time illumination for the fountain is provided by (4) four flush-mounted LED light fixtures located in the lower pool under the edge of the bowl.

The mechanical equipment for the fountain is located in a RDP-1 series direct-burial pump vault with a tile-set access hatch. The vault houses the fountain pump, all the necessary pump valves, a 50 sq. ft. cartridge filter, an ionization unit, a fill manifold and a U.L. Listed Control Panel.

The fountain was installed by one of Roman Fountains Ponds ‘R Us of Lincolnton, NC