The water feature for Baldwin Hall Memorial fountain, located at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, is five stone pillars of differing heights anchored in a concrete base. This concrete base serves as the inner boundary for the fountain basin. Surrounding the concrete base is an 8’ Diameter concrete wall that creates the outer boundary for the fountain basin. A grate covers the basin to supports decorative cobblestones. Water is introduced into each pillar which cascades down the sides and ultimately lands on the cobblestones. Water drains through the rock, into the ‘hidden’ basin and recirculates through the pumping equipment. Illumination for the fountain is provided by five (5) “hockey puck” submersible white LED lights, located near the base of each pillar.

The mechanical and electrical controls for the fountain are housed in an RDP-1-SERIES direct-buried prefabricated fiberglass vault (pump station). The vault is located in a landscape area nearby. The vault includes a U.L. Listed control panel, a 3 HP display pump with in-line suction strainer, a cartridge filter, chemical treatment, cold water fill manifold and a sump pump.