In 2016, Citrus Heights, CA celebrates its 20th anniversary as a city.  City leaders planned a new City Hall building with a classic fountain feature in celebration of this event.  The Citrus Heights City Hall fountain consists of a 3-tier cast iron statue which sits in the center of a circular pool.  Eight perimeter nozzles spray inward toward the statue.   At night, ‘hockey puck’ submersible lights  illuminate the iron bowls.  Additionally, freestanding lights shine from the perimeter of the fountain pool.  The mechanical and electrical controls for the fountain are housed in a direct-burial pump vault.  The vault is  located approximately 60 feet away from the fountain. The vault equipment includes a 5 HP display pump, cartridge filter, sump pump, in-line chemical feeder, fill manifold, & all the necessary control valves. In addition, the vault also includes a U.L. Listed control panel.

Note:  Cast Iron statue provided by Robinson Iron.