The Healing Garden Waterfall & Stream, located at the Great Plains Regional Medical Center in North Platte, Nebraska, is a naturalistic style water feature. Water is introduced into the system from a small upper pool that creates a series of small waterfalls approximately four to five feet in width. An approximate 1/2” thick weir flows from the upper pool down approximately 1’-10” to the middle pool. Another approximate 1/2” thick weir flows from the middle pool down approximately 7” to the lower pool. Five LED lights are included to provide illumination for the waterfalls.

Located at the far end of the stream is a bubbler nozzle to create a bubbling mound of water. One LED light is located at the bubbler jet for illumination.

The mechanical equipment is supplied to jobsite, preassembled and factory tested in a RDP-1 direct burial pump vault. This vault is equipped with a fiberglass landscape access hatch, ventilation fan, 3 HP pump with basket strainer, cartridge filter, brominator, and electrical controls.

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