The Mercer University main campus in Macon, Georgia includes a growing collection of water features. HGOR out of Atlanta created the landscape and hardscape designs while contacting Roman Fountains for input on the fountain. Roman Fountains then furnished the equipment package to Chris R. Sheridan, the general contractor responsible for construction of the Campus Water Walls, South Campus fountain, and the Ryals Hall fountains.

The South Campus lawn fountain features a RCN-200 cascade nozzle operating in an 18′ diameter basin. At night, three submersible LED light fixtures provide illumination. A RDP-1-200 burial vault houses the fountain pump, filter, UV sanitizer, valves, and a UL listed control panel. For additional information on the fountains at Mercer University, please click on the photo.

The Water Wall Feature consists of two mirror-image, 21’ wide walls with water flowing down its face. Submersible LED lighting illuminates the fountain during evening and nighttime operation. A RDP-3-1000 burial vault houses the fountain display pump, a filter pump, filter, UV sanitizer, valves, and a UL listed control panel.

The Ryals Hall fountain is the latest water feature to be designed and built. It’s design is similar to the South Campus fountain and also incorporates a central cascade nozzle to create a massive conical mound of highly aerated water.

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