The Tattnall Square Park Fountain is located in Macon,GA just outside the entrance to Mercer University.   The fountain statue replicates the original fountain that was placed in the park in the 1915.  The Cast Iron piece was made by Robinson Iron.  The fountain statue is 17′ feet tall and 12′ wide.  Roman Fountains provided the LED lighting as well as the fountain equipment for the project.   The magnificent cast iron statue is illuminated by twelve ‘Hockey Puck’ white LED lights and six free-standing white LED lights.  Roman also provided the drain fittings, sump assemblies, and submersible junction boxes for inside the pools.  A direct burial equipment vault, located approximately 60 feet away from the fountain, holds the bulk of the equipment to operate the fountain.  It contains the 5 HP pump, a cartridge filter, an in-line chemical feeder, fill manifold, and all of the necessary control valves.  The vault also houses a U.L. Listed Control Panel.

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