The Academy & Main fountain located in Canton, GA consists of a two-tiered basin.  The upper pool has a single (1) 1-1/4”  Cascade Nozzle (RCN-125). The cascade nozzle sprays to  1’-6″ height and produces a highly aerated conical mound of water. This is illuminated with a white ‘donut-hole’ light (RFL-CG-DH-LED-W). Additionally, the upper pool has three waterfalls (RWT Series)  that fall approximately 1’-0” to the lower basin below.  Each waterfall is illuminated at night by a white submersible LED free-standing light (RFL-CG-FS-LED-W). Three white submersible LED flush mount lights (RFL-CG-FM-LED-W) are also in the lower basin.  A pre-assembled/factory-tested RDP-1 direct burial equipment vault holds the equipment. A  3/4 HP pump with basket strainer, a 50 sq. ft. cartridge filter, a chemical feeder (brominator), a power supply for the lights, a load center, and two (2)  time clocks (for the pump and lights) are located in the equipment vault.

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