The Belmont Plaza Fountain, located in Marietta, GA, is a curved, rectangular, two-level pool system that is the entry to a retail shopping center.The large upper pool basin contains eight cascade nozzles. The nozzles  produce a frothy column of water approximately 8’-0” in height. The water flows over two weir edges located on opposite ends of the pool.  The water travels over the weir edge and into individual collection pools located at each wall. Signage for the shopping center is located on the water wall  and is illuminated by nine freestanding white LED light fixtures located in each of the lower pools. Each cascade nozzle in the upper pool is illuminated by two white LED fixtures. The lower pool contains a water level sensor that monitors the operating water level of the fountain. Additional water will be added as needed when the sensor requests it. A low level probe provides an automatic means to turn the fountain pumps off in the event of a low water condition. Also included in this project is a wind compensation system. This will turn off the display pump in the event of a high wind condition. Once the wind conditions return to normal, the pump will automatically restart. The wind control does not affect the operation of the filter pump. The mechanical and electrical equipment for the water feature is housed in a Series 4  underground equipment vault located in the hardscape area near the fountain. The vault includes a 20HP display pump, 1 HP sand filter pump with an externally located chemical feeder, 1” fill manifold, and a U.L. Listed fountain control panel.