The University of Rhode Island Bay Campus Graduate School of Oceanography dedicated a terrace September 9, 2016 to its founding dean, John Knauss.  Roman Fountains provided the equipment for the Knauss Terrace fountain, which is located in Narragansett, RI.  The fountain is 22’-0” wide water fall broken into four sections.  The weirs flow into a rectangular lower pool in front of the supporting wall. The display is illuminated by eight flush-mounted white LED lights located in the lower pool. The mechanical equipment for the fountain is housed in a pre-fabricated fiberglass pump vault, and includes a 7.5 HP fountain pump, all the necessary pump valves, a 75 sq. foot cartridge filter, automatic fill manifold, and ventilation fan.  This direct-burial vault also contains the chemical feeder, a sump pump, and a U.L. Listed fountain control panel in a NEMA 4 enclosure. Additionally, the fountain has a wind control device that provides automatic pump reduction and/or system shutdown when heavy wind conditions occur.