The water feature for Big Glades Square, located in Wise, VA , is a “dry-deck” outdoor water feature. The fountain consists of ten 1/2” orifice smoothbore nozzles arranged in a concentric ring surrounding a central catch basin/reservoir. The jet nozzles angle inwards towards the center with a maximum spray height of approximately 8’-0”, with a throw of around 6’-0” to 7’-0”. Illumination for each nozzle is provided by a 50 watt low voltage light that is located inside the nozzle housing. The nozzles will collectively rise and fall over time as dictated by a programmable module controlling a variable frequency drive, both of which are located in the pump vault. The water from all of the various nozzles will gravity drain into the central catch basin/reservoir and be re-circulated from that point. In addition to the timed variation of the water display, this fountain includes a wind compensation control system. The system utilizes two RDP-Series -1 direct burial vaults.  One vault contains the pumping/filtering systems as well as a custom control panel.  The second vault contains the water treatment system.


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