The Peninsula at Town Center outdoor water feature, located in Hampton, VA, consists of 21 independently electronically controlled water displays. Each flush ‘deck-mount’ water display, called a space pod nozzle, creates vertical columns of water using concentric rows of precision orifices. The space pods are arranged in lineal rows that radiate out from a point in the center of a square shaped paver deck. When all 21 nozzles are operating simultaneously, they will reach an approximate spray height of five feet. At other times, the nozzles will operate at various heights, as dictated by the PLC in the control panel. Each space pod nozzle is illuminated by two white LED lights which are also incorporated into the space pod.

This fountain includes a 1,500 gallon 72 inch diameter water storage/surge tank from which the space pod nozzles are supplied water. The water then returns to the tank via a 6 inch gravity drain located in the center of the dry deck, as well as through a two inch drain located inside each of the 21 space pods.

The majority of the mechanical and electrical controls for the fountain are housed in a pump room with a 1” fill manifold, a dual-point water treatment system, a U.L. listed control panel, a 7-1/2 HP main display pump skid with additional strainer, a VFD drive to automatically raise and lower the display as programmed, and a 3/4 HP display/filter pump skid with a 75 square foot cartridge filter, a bromine feeder, and necessary manifold and skid piping and conduit.

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