The DePauw University Stewart Plaza has two mirror-image fountains, each with two pool levels.  Each upper rectangular pool contains twenty-four 1” bubbler nozzles which randomly change spray heights (high, medium, and low) at approximately every 30 seconds.  Water then flows over a weir edge on three sides of each fountain rectangle.  The fourth side of the rectangle features a wooden bench.  Water flows down the three sides through a 3” gap, and enters a hidden lower pool. The fountain is illuminated at night with three different types of color-blending (RGB) LED lights.  Each bubbler nozzle has a ‘donut-hole’ light, each three-sided lower pool has fifteen freestanding lights, and there are five recessed linear LED lights under the bench.  The lights are three separate groupings in which each group of lights changes colors simultaneously. The mechanical and electrical controls for the fountain are located in an adjacent building.  The equipment includes a 10HP display pump skid for the bubbler feature, a 15HP display pump skid for the weir feature, and a 1HP filter pump skid.  Also housed in the equipment room is an automatic chemical feeder, an ionization system, a 60 GPM sand filter, and a 1” fill manifold.  The fountain is controlled in a U.L. Listed  control panel,  with touch screen, that is capable of remote monitoring. Additional features of this fountain are a wind compensation panel, a temperature sensor/panel, as well as a lighting panel with power supplies, drivers, and lighting controller.