The Morgan White Corporate Offices water feature in Ridgeland, MS consists of a circular fountain with a total (27) spray nozzles. The center 3” Cascade Nozzle (RCN Series) is surrounded by six (6) 2” Cascade Nozzles (RCN Series). The center 3” Cascade Nozzle operates at a 12’ maximum spray height with the (6) 2” Cascade Nozzles operating at an 8’ maximum spray height. Additionally, twenty (20) 1-1/2” smoothbore nozzles (RSN Series) are spaced evenly around the perimeter of the basin.  Each nozzle produces a 5/8” stream of water arcing in to the center.  These outer nozzles have a maximum 15’ spray height and 13’-6” throw.   A variable frequency drive (VFD) is connected to the display pump and controls the nozzles.  The nozzles rise and fall according to the programming.

Thirty-four (34) freestanding submersible RGB LED color changing lights illuminate the fountain.  There is  twenty (20) on the outer perimeter and  fourteen (14) lighting the center cascade nozzles.

The fountain’s show controller includes a programmable logic controller (PLC) that controls the sequencing of the VFD. The PLC includes a four-color touchscreen display that controls the on and off times of the pump, lights, and nozzle spray heights.  In the case of high winds, a two-stage wind compensation system overrides the PLC programmed spray heights and automatically reduces the spray heights .

A below grade RDP-4 SERIES direct-buried prefabricated fiberglass vault (pump station) contains the fountain pumps, filter system, and electrical controls. The vault is  in a planter area between the fountain and the parking lot.

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