The City of Gatlinburg, Tennessee renovated their Parkway Pedestrian Plaza with the addition of twenty-six foot ‘splash pad’ area as the focal point.  The feature consists of an inner ring of six (6) Nozzle/LED light assemblies that spray vertically and and outer ring of twelve (12)  Nozzle/LED light assemblies that arc toward the center of the feature.  Each ring of nozzles is controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD) that allows the group of nozzles to rise and fall as desired.  The assemblies are flush-mounted and contain a drain fitting to allow collected water to flow back to a common reservoir tank. Located in the center of the deck is 6” common drain which will collect all additional flowing water.  At night, each of the assemblies utilize a color changing LED/RGB light fixture. These light fixtures (as a group) can scroll through a series of colors, illuminate as a single color, or be programmed to perform specific lighting sequences. Additionally, a wind control system is included in this feature to compensate for high wind conditions. When wind conditions increase, the display pumps will automatically reduce in height of the spray effects and return to normal operation when the wind conditions return to normal.

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