Loudoun Green Play  ‘N Spray feature consists of a  circle pattern spray pad with the Roman Fountain flush-mounted nozzle/led assembly (RDJG-XX-DH-LED).  The feature is separated into three zones.  Zone 1 is a single center jet cluster spray nozzle. Zone 2 has six jet cluster nozzles which provide a frothy vertical column of water.   And finally, Zone 3 has 8 nozzles that provide a narrow stream that arcs towards the center of the pad.  Each spray nozzle has LED RGB lighting.  Additionally, three  drains are located near the center of the pad.

The equipment was placed in a equipment vault constructed by the contractor on the project.   Roman Fountain provided equipment skids on the project. The filtration skid assembly contains  a ¾ HP pump and cartridge filter for re-circulation and filtration of the holding tank. The display skid assembly has a 2 HP pump, cartridge filter, UV sterilizer, and water treatment system. Control panels for the system were be provided as well.

Roman Fountains partnered with Mike Stimson at  Spa DC for this project.


Additional Photos