The Patio Fountain for Lowe’s Customer Service Center in Wilkesboro, NC consists of a semicircular wall approximately 15 feet in height runs along one side of the water feature. Located across the base of the wall are twelve 3/8” orifice nozzles which include white LED donut lights to surround the water spray for nighttime illumination. Located in each of the three widest sections of the pool is a 2” cascade nozzle that creates a highly aerated conical mound of water operating at a six to seven foot spray height.

In addition to the illuminated nozzles, the water feature contains (20) white LED lights that illuminate the pool water at the recessed edge, where the granite blocks extend into the fountain. Two additional freestanding white LED light fixtures are located at each of the three 2” tall cascade nozzles.

The fountain includes a two-stage wind compensation system for the three 2” cascade nozzles. The pumping, filtration, and electrical systems for the water feature is located in an adjacent equipment room, located directly behind the fountain. The equipment room contains a 5 HP “Display Pump 2” skid to deliver water to the three cascade nozzles, a 3/4 HP “Display Pump 1” skid to deliver water to the (12) smaller jet/light nozzles, and a 3/4 HP filter pump skid with sand filter, brominator, and ionization system to treat the water. A fill manifold, located in the equipment room, maintains the proper fountain water level, a 5HP variable frequency drive (VFD), and a U.L. Listed electrical control panel contains the required motor starters, breakers, contactors, disconnect switch, and programmable timers for the water features.

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