The Plant Riverside District Small Interactive Fountain is a ‘dry deck’ style of feature that includes (14) Splashlight2-JC/L-RGBW  flush mount nozzle/LED light assemblies. A controller allows the lights to be set on a single color or cycle through a color display show.  A fountain control panel with VFD allows the system to vary the spray heights of the jets. Additionally, A DMX controller located in the lighting panel allows for selection of various lighting shows or static colors.  The water flows into a remote  reservoir tank where it is recirculated, filtered and receives water treatment. The water treatment system continually monitors and doses chemicals to keep the PH and sanitation level in an appropriate range as required by the Department of Health. The mechanical and electrical controls for the fountain are located in a mechanical room which contains the display/filter pumps, storage tank, UV system, VFDs, cartridge filters, fill level manifold, water treatment controller, and a U.L. Listed fountain control panel.

Photos by William Austin Smith


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