This feature is one of three located at the Plant Riverside District in Savannah. This feature is dry deck’ style of interactive water feature with forty-two (42) jets with a max height of about 9’. Each jet is driven by its own DMX controllable pump. Water from the jets falls back onto the deck grate and drains into the 22’ x 30’ reservoir below. Additionally, each jet is illuminated at night with a ‘donut style” LED light fixture with RGB (colored) diodes. A controller allows the lights to be set on a single color or cycle through a color display show.

Fast acting water-switches  ‘pop’ the water on and off on twenty (20) of the jets. Two crown jets and a jet cluster nozzle are in the center of the feature. The crown jets are driven by DMX controllable pumps and have a max spray height of about 9’-0”. The 4” jet cluster nozzle is driven by a self-priming pump located in the pump room, controlled by a VFD, the max spray height should reach about 20’-0”. The crown jets and jet cluster nozzle are each surrounded by four (4) flush LED light fixtures with RGB (colored) diodes. All of the lights are DMX controlled.

Display and filter pumps, as well as a waste pump are housed in the equipment room. The filter pump provides water to four  cartridge filters which, in turn, provide water to an NSF rated ultraviolet sterilizer. Chemicals are added per the chemical controller. The treated water is then returned to the reservoir. The display pump uses a VFD and  is controlled by a programmable show controller. The mechanical and electrical controls for the feature are also located in the pump room along with other supplemental

At night, the feature will be used as a “show piece” and patrons will not be allowed to enter the feature. During this time, the feature is strictly decorative.  Roman Fountains teamed with Oase for this project.

Plant Riverside District Show Fountain -Watch the video! 

Photos by William Austin Smith

Additional Photos