The outdoor fountain at Ray Charles Plaza located in Albany, GA,consists of a 16′-0″ diameter pedestal with a flow of water that flows over the wall into a lower 22′-0″ diameter pool. Water is introduced into this narrow upper pool through sixteen 2″ floor inlet fittings. In the center of this pedestal is a statue of Ray Charles on a grand piano. The floor, along with the statue, continuously rotates and is also illuminated. The statue, rotating device, and all of the lighting was provided by others.

The majority of the mechanical and electrical controls for the fountain is housed in a RDP-3-750 direct-buried prefabricated fiberglass vault (pump station). The vault is located approximately 45 feet from the outer edge of the pool and includes the display pump, the filter pump, a sump pump, a cartridge filter tank, a 1″ fill manifold, a copper/silver ionization system, a water treatment system (pH/ORP controller), and a fountain control panel.

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