This feature is an interactive fountain for the Town Green in Peachtree Corners, GAThe Splash Pad water feature is a ‘dry deck’ interactive style fountain with flush mount nozzles laid out in a spiral pattern.  There are a total of forty (40) nozzle/LED assemblies (Splashlight 2) with a jet cluster spray effect.   The Splashlight 2’s are set to have the spray heights vary from 1.5’ at the outside/beginning of the spiral and then gradually increase in spray height to 12 feet at the center of the spiral. The pump has a variable drive controller so that the entire spiral of jets can slowly rise/fall as a group.  Each jet pod also includes an RGB LED ‘donut-hole’ style light. The lights can be set to any individual color and can change colors simultaneously via a light interface/controller. Additionally, the Splash Pad fountain has a wind compensation system with anemometer to measure wind speed. At moderate winds (approximately 8-14 MPH), the jet spray heights are reduced by approximately ½ in order to reduce misting outside of the splashpad area. At high winds (approximately 15+ MPH), the spray effects are set to turn off. When the winds subside, the jets automatically resume operation at the intended spray heights. The mechanical and electrical controls for the Peachtree Corners Town Center Splash Pad fountain are located in below grade equipment vaults approximately 90 feet from the splash pad. Water from each jet falls back into its pod where it gravity flows back to a storage tank (RPST-ACT Series). A main equipment vault (RDP-4 Series) contains a display pump and a filter pump that pull water from the storage tank  for filtration and re-circulation. The vault contains a PH/ORP water treatment system as required by code to continually monitor and adjust the PH and sanitation levels of the water. A separate smaller vault  (RDP-1-WTS) contains chemical storage tanks for the system.

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