The St. Petersburg Pier in Florida opened on the beautiful coast of the Gulf of Mexico in July 2020. Roman Fountains partnered with BrightView to complete the splash pad which features extraordinary water action and lighting. . The splash pad contains forty of our ‘Splashlights‘ with RGBW lighting. Each ‘Splashlight’ has a fast acting water switch that is individually programmed. There are two types of spray effects utilized on the nozzles; a crown jet nozzle and a three-tier nozzle.  A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) integrates music with the nozzle/lighting programming to create a spectacular water show. The equipment is housed in our Series 4 direct burial equipment vault, with a 2500 gallon NSF rated water storage tank provides the water for recirculation. The fountain utilizes the latest technology in UV sterilization to ensure a safe environment for water play.
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