1.501 RNBA-100

1.501 RNBA-100

RNBA-100 Bollard Mounted Push-Button Activator

The RNBA-100 is a bollard mounted push-button activator.  The unit is 42″ tall constructed of 4″ square stainless steel tubing.  It features a gusseted anchor base plate, 1/2″ conduit connection, removable access cover with vandal resistant fasteners and gasket.  Additionally, the unit has a weatherproof push-button start/run switch and bonding/grounding lug.  This is designed for use in ‘dry-deck’/splashpad applications.

Note: When adding the two (2) #14AWG wires, allow at least 2’ of extra wire inside the niche house to ease the installation and removal of push button switch. After wiring connection has been made, seal the conduit entry with duct seal or rubber silicon.

This is a custom fabricated item requiring extended lead time.

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