RFL-SFS-LED Freestanding’ mini-LED Submersible Light Fixture  (formerly RFL-CG-SFS-LED)

The RFL-SFS-LED Freestanding mini-LED Submersible Light Fixture is for use in any fountain application requiring a compact, adjustable freestanding LED submersible light fixture.  The RFL-SFS-LED is 12VDC and consists of stainless steel construction, one high output LED diode (3 watt), a clear tempered glass lens, a silicone lens gasket, a chromed brass cord entrance fitting, and 19 feet of 18 AWG SJOW cable. The fixture base features two openings for installer provided anchors and fasteners. Fixture available in either White (‘Cool’ White 5000K) or RGB.  Use with Roman Fountain Control Panels or RCLG-150-A 12V DC power supply.

Please refer to the cut sheet for wiring schematics and additional information.


  • Specify W (‘Cool’ White 5000K) or RGB (Red/Green/Blue) when ordering
  • Requires 12V DC power supply for operation.  Warranty is void if proper power supply is not utilized.
  • RGB Lights require DMX Driver for color-change programming

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