4.206 RCOM-WND

4.206 RCOM-WND

RCOM-WND Wall Mounted Overflow/Water Level Make-up/Cut-Off

The RCOM-WND Wall-Mounted Combination Overflow/Water Make-up/Low Water Cutoff Control consists of a housing of molded fiberglass niche sensor/overflow housing with a brass coverplate, stainless steel fasteners, a sensor compression fitting, a 3/4″ (F) N.P.T. conduit entry, and 2″ adjustable overflow. The unit features multi-level float-type sensor of brass and Buna-N construction with a 1 3/4″ adjustability range and includes 100 ft. of pre-attached 4-conductor, color-coded sensor cable. When purchasing a component system, package must include a RCOM-PNL Series, dual function, solid-state water level control panel.  See cut sheet RCOM-PNL3 for panel rated for 120 VAC with internally transformed 24 volt output circuit. Please refer to the cut sheet for additional technical data.


  •  A normally closed, electrically actuated, 120VAC solenoid valve is required to operate the water makeup function.  See  RSV Series.
  • A lighting and/or motor contactor is required to operate the low level cutoff function.
  • The PVC overflow standpipe is removable and furnished full height to provide a 1/2″ margin above the sensor “high limits” position.  Trim as required and reinsert.
  • This unit is to be used in applications where shut-down gain is 2-1/2″ or less.

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