RFL-SL-RGBW-24VDC Series LED Strip Light

The RFL-SL-RGBW-24VDC Series LED strip light is IP68 rated for underwater use.  LED diodes are RGBW (Red, Green, Blue and White with white available in (3) color temperatures).  Fixtures are custom cut per project requirement and are measured in 4″ increments.  Silicone adhesive caulk(not included) utilized for installation.  Fixtures are 24VDC and power usage is 1.46 watts/ft.  The RFL-SL-RGBW-24VDC fixtures have eighteen (18) SMD 3528 LED chips per foot.  UL Listed. The lights can be used with our LED power supply enclosures.

Note:  A DMX driver is required for color-changing capabilities.  A 24VDC power supply is required.  Warranty is void if incorrect power supply is utilized.

Special order item.  Deposit required. No Returns. Long lead times apply.

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