5.305 RJB-8-100-C

5.305 RJB-8-100-C

RJB-8-100-C Conduit Mounted Submersible Junction Box

The RJB-8-100-C  Conduit Mounted Submersible Junction Box is of cast bronze construction with a neoprene gasket, brass fasteners, (1) 1″ (F) N.P.T. bottom power conduit connection, and up to eight (8) 1/2″ N.P.T. side connections with brass cord seal fittings (shipped loose, installed in field).  The junction box has a minimum volume of 80.0 cubic inches and includes an internal grounding lug.  Check the local electrical code when installing.  The RJB-8-100-C must comply with NEC article 680.  Please refer to the cut sheet for additional information.


  • Requires two (2) 5.327 RPC-2114-D size potting compound. The Waterstop Fitting RWS-100-L to be used with this in conjunction with this junction box.
  • May be ordered with five to eight side connections

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