7.106 RSM-2S-RSPP Series

7.106 RSM-2S-RSPP Series

RSM-2S-RSPP Self-Priming Pump Skid

The RSM-2S-RSPP Series is a self-priming pump station.  The RSPP Series self-priming pump is mounted on a reinforced 11-guage stainless steel platform measureing 15″ x 48″.  The pump is a one-piece thermoplastic housing with an integrated strainer basket.  Pump has 4″ x 4″ flanged connections and suction/discharge manifolds with valves and fittings are included (within the skid footprint).  All units are factory assembled and tested prior to shipment to jobsite.  For further technical information, please see cut sheet.


  • Provide adequate ventilation and drainage at equipment room.
  • Allow adequate space around entire skid system fore servicing, maintenance, and electrical code clearances
  • This unit to be used with appropriate electrical control panel. (see RPCP/RLCP Series)
  • Custom fabricated per project.

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