The fountain for the Powder Springs Park splash pad is located in Powder Springs, GA.  It features  twenty-four (24) low-flow jet cluster nozzle/LED assemblies.  Additionally, the feature has  three (3) spinning nozzle/LED assemblies.  The assemblies contain RGBW LED lights for illumination at night.  The nozzle assemblies are arranged in four lines of eight.  Centrally located between are the three spinner nozzles. The nozzles all operate at an approximate 5’-0” spray height.  The (24) jet cluster nozzles constitute zone #1, with the spinning nozzle cluster being zone #2.  Each zone operates independently.

The fountain equipment is located in a series of nearby pre-fabricated fiberglass vaults and a reservoir tank.  The pump vault  is our RDP-4 Series vault with  two fountain pumps/ VFD’s, a filter pump, all the necessary flow control valves, a 30.5” diameter high-rate sand filter, a flow meter for the filter pump, UV sterilizer, pH/ORP controller & test chamber, a fill manifold, and a U.L. Listed fountain control panel in a NEMA 4 enclosure.Additionally, the water treatment vault (RDP-1-WTS)  contains two chemical tanks, a pair of metering pumps and a vent fan. There is an electronic water level sensor located in the reservoir. The water reservoir is a 2000 gallon NSF water storage tank.  The U.L. Listed control panel for the feature at Powder Springs Park Splash Pad is also housed in the large pump vault. Roman Fountains with JHC Corporation and Pfists, Inc. on this project.

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