7.208 RDP-4 SERIES

7.208 RDP-4 SERIES

RDP-4 Series  Direct Burial Pump Vault

The RDP-4 Series Direct Burial Pump Vault is for medium to large sized fountains. It consists of a 6′-7″ x 8′-6″ x 8′-5 1/2″ deep heavy duty FRP pump station with a 36″ sq. hatch opening, fiberglass reinforced plastic lid with stainless steel piano hinge attachment, and lock hardware (LOCK BY INSTALLER).  The RDP-4 Series includes a display pump (per project requirement) with basket strainer, an RCCF-100; 100 sq. ft. cartridge filter unit, an external air relief,  a pressure gauge and RWSP self-priming filter pump with integral strainer.  The unit also contains an RMS-075-NS 3/4″ fill manifold assembly, a 549 CFM fan-forced ventilation system, an access ladder, (Schedule 80 PVC) piping, valves, conduit and wiring, as required to meet the design intent. Additionally, the system contains an RSX-33-F 1/3 HP automatic sump pump, a 100 watt utility work light, duplex 20 amp G.F.C.I. protected courtesy outlet, an RPCP/RLCP; U.L. 508 listed control panel in a Nema 4 enclosure, containing a main disconnect, motor starter(s), 7 day/24 hour timeclock(s), H.O.A. switches; plus lighting contactor(s), G.F.C.I. breaker(s), and water level/low level cutoff control.  The unit is pre-wired, pre-plumbed (Schedule 80 PVC) and factory tested, prior to shipment. Please refer to the cut sheet for power requirements, available models, pump curves, additional information.


  • RSFP Series Sand Filter can be utilized in lieu of RCCF-100 Cartridge Filter.
  • Display pump(s) specified per project requirements.
  • Custom fabricated per project.  Long lead times apply.

Options include:  Diamond Plate Vault Hatch, Tileset Hatch, and Vault Hatch Extension.


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