This feature is a residential fountain with a  single level rectangular basin.  The display originates in three 1-1/4” cascade nozzles.  The nozzles are spaced evenly along the long center-line of the basin.  Each nozzle creates a 2’ high conical mound of highly aerated water.  Illumination for the cascade nozzles is provided by three “donut” submersible white LED lights, located underneath each cascade nozzle..  The majority of the mechanical controls for the fountain are housed on a stainless-steel pump skid located in a nearby  pump room. The equipment consists of a 3/4 HP display pump with in-line suction strainer, 50 S.F. cartridge filter, and in-line chemical feeder. Additionally, a wall mounted time clock load center/breaker panel for the pump and lighting control panel, as well as a 3/4” cold water fill manifold system, are housed in the pump room.

The fountain was installed by Wicker Environmental Design located in Fort Valley, GA.

Additional Photos