5.103 RFL-DH-LED

5.103 RFL-DH-LED

RFL-DH-LED ‘Donut Hole’ LED Submersible Light Fixture   (formerly RFL-CG-HP-LED)

The RFL-DH-LED  ‘Donut Hole’ LED Submersible Light Fixture is designed for use in any application  where 360 degree illumination of a spray nozzle is required with a high output LED submersible light fixture. The RFL-DH-LED is a  small diameter, 12VDC, low profile LED submersible light fixture with a center sleeve feature for nozzle riser mounting (up to 1 1/2″ dia.), high output LED diodes, a stainless steel housing and fasteners, a tempered glass lens, a silicone lens gasket, a chromed brass cord entrance fitting, and 19 feet of 18 AWG SJOW cable. Fixture comes in either White or RGB. A 1-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ stainless steel adapter (RDHN-ADAP) is available as an accessory item.  Please refer to the cut sheet for additional information and wiring schematics.  Use with Roman Fountains Lighting Control Panels or RCLG-150-A.


  • Specify W (‘Cool’ White 5000K) or RGB (Red/Green/Blue) when ordering
  • Requires 12V DC power supply for operation.  Warranty is void if proper power supply is not utilized.
  • RGB Lights require DMX Driver for color-change programming

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