The Entry Fountain for the Plant Riverside District is a circular pool with two rings of spray features.  The inner ring is made up of eight (8) cascade nozzles with a variable spray height controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). The outer ring is made up of fifteen (15) adjustable precision jets with a variable spray height and throw that are also controlled by a VFD.  Illumination for the fountain is provided by eighteen (18) RGB LED free standing submersible lights and eight (8) RGB LED donut hole submersible lights. Additionally, free standing lights are placed in a circle interspersed between the cascade nozzles and the precision jets, as well as illuminating the center nozzles. This fountain has a two-stage wind compensation system to adjust the spray heights in high wind conditions.  The control equipment is installed in a pump room located approximately 60 feet from the fountain.  Included in the pump room is two display pump skids, a filter pump skid with a cartridge filter & chemical feeder, a control panel and a fill manifold.

Photos by William Austin Smith


Additional Photos