1.101 RCN Series

Cascade Nozzle

RCN Series-Cascade Nozzle

The RCN Series Cascade Nozzle produces a highly aerated conical water column.This unit is a one-piece machined cast bronze construction with  a (F) N.P.T. connection.  The RCN Cascade Nozzle is a water level dependent nozzle.  It is available in six sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 3″.  Please refer to the cut sheet for hydraulic data on optimum performance.

Note:  Cascade nozzles may generate wave turbulence in small, confined pools and may require dampening.  Please see  RWD-B Wave Dampener.

Recommended accessories:  RWS-L Series Slab Penetration Fitting (Long Style)  or  RWS-S Series  Slab Penetration Fitting (Short Style)

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