1.105 RBN

1.105 RBN

Bubbler Nozzle

RBN Series Bubbler Nozzle











The RBN Series Bubbler Nozzle produces a highly aerated low mound of water.  It is of cast bronze construction, copper venturi air intake snorkel and (F) N.P.T. threaded connection. The RBN nozzle  is water level dependent and available in six (6) sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 3″. Please refer to the cut sheet for hydraulic data on optimum performance.

Note: Cascade Nozzles may generate wave turbulence in small, confined pools requiring a dampening device. Please see RWD-B Brass Wave Dampener Series.

Recommended Accessories:   RWS-L Slab Penetration Fitting (Long Style) and RWS-S Slab Penetration Fitting (Short Style)

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