1.410 RPWJ-PJ Series

1.410 RPWJ-PJ Series

Flush Mounted Precision Wall Jet

The RPWJ-PJ Series Flush Mounted Precision Wall Jet is designed for use in pools where a flush mounted sidewall nozzle with a clear stream jet is required.  It is a high strength thermoplastic niche body with a  waterstop key flange, rebar attachment holes, (.187″,.250″ or .312″) orifice size brass swivel-type nozzle, recessed cover plate with tamper resistant stainless steel cover fasteners, and a 3/4″ PVC (slip) supply connection.The modular design facilitates ease of installation while providing a clean, unobtrusive, and vandal-resistant finish. Fine screening at the pump is recommended to minimize nozzle clogging.

NOTE: An 8″ minimum wall thickness is required to install this unit.

RPWJ-PJ Precision Wall Jet

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