7.114 RSM-1-RBU-RHU

7.114 RSM-1-RBU-RHU

RSM-1-RBU-RHU Baptismal Font Skid

The RSM-1-RBU-RHU Skid-Mounted Pumping Station is our Baptismal Font Skid System.  It consists of a reinforced 11 gauge, mill finish stainless steel platform with leveling feet, measuring approximately 2′-8″ wide x 4′-3″ long. The system includes a self-priming pump with integral strainer, an RCCF-050 50 S.F. cartridge filter with pressure gauge and air relief valve, erosion-type, in-line chemical feeder with metering valve and necessary fittings, and an RHU-Series electric heater unit with on-board controls.  The unit also features a pump motor circuit breaker/load center time clock, as well as all necessary piping, fittings, manual regulating/isolation valves and check valves. Unit is pre-plumbed (Schedule 80 PVC) and factory tested, prior to shipment. Please refer to the cut sheet for available models, pump curves, power requirements, and additional information.


  • RHU-Series Kw heater operates as a ‘stand-alone’ unit and requires a separate 230 volt, single phase, 2-wire feeder + GND. @ 60.0 F.L.A. It does not route through the control panel.
  • Dual Heaters run in parallel may be required.
  • Allow adequate space around entire skid system for servicing, maintenance, and electrical code clearances.
  • Provide adequate ventilation (min. 25 CFM/H.P) and a floor drain.

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