5.407 RLCP-LED-RGBW-L1-24V

5.407 RLCP-LED-RGBW-L1-24V

RGBW 24V DC Power Supply / DMX Driver Enclosure

RGBW LED 24V DC Power Supply / DMX Enclosure, U.L. 508A Listed, includes 24VDC power supply, RLIN-720, DMX Controller, ON-OFF Switch, ‘Color Select’ push-button and user terminal strip. Panel is pre-wired, and mounted in a polyester NEMA 4X enclosure. Panel is factory powered, tested with all loads, circuits and switching functions verified prior to shipment.

Power Requirement: GFI-Protected 120VAC, Single-Phase, 2-Wire Feeder + Gnd. @ 10.0 Amps

1. Handhole Splice Box is recommended when using multiple junction boxes per power supply.
2. When grouping light fixtures, Do Not exceed 90% of DC power supply rating.
3. Disconnect is by others.
4. Feed Must comply with federal, state and local codes.  GFI breaker required.

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