6.402 RSM-WTS

6.402 RSM-WTS

RSM-WTS Skid-Mounted Dual-Point Water Treatment Automatic Water Treatment System

The RSM-WTS Skid-Mounted  Water Treatment Station consists of a reinforced 11 gauge, mill finish stainless steel platform with leveling feet, measuring approx. 38″W x 42″L.  The system consists of a RWTS Dual-point controller with digital read-out,  an RFC-200;flow cell mixing sampling chamber with clear view cover, ORP and PH electrodes,  an RST Series 5 gallon acid or base storage tank.  Additionally, the system features an RCMP Series metering pump, an RCBU Series bromine feeder, an RWTSOL-075 3/4″ solenoid activated feed valve, an RSFP-40D 19-1/2″ sand filter and, all necessary skid piping, valves, tubing, hoses, fittings and clamps. Please refer to the cut sheet for additional information.
System requires 120V., single-phase power outlet


  • Provide adequate ventilation (min. 25 CFM/HP) and floor drain at pump room.
  • Allow adequate space around entire skid system for servicing, maintenance, and electrical code clearances.

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