3.103 RWSP-300-VS

3.103 RWSP-300-VS

RWSP-300-VS Self-Priming Variable Speed Pump; 3HP

The RWSP-300-VS  Variable Speed Self-Priming Pump is designed with on-board programmable controls to achieve exacting motor speed control in order to meet a water features’ specific requirements. Designed for use above or below fountain pool water level elevation.  Applications for the RWSP-300-VS include small to medium architectural fountain systems requiring a remote pumping system where motor speed control is desired.  Capacities range from 20 to 140 GPM at 9 to 90 feet of head pressure.  This pump is made of 40% glass-filled thermoplastic for extreme heat and corrosion resistance.  It contains a large capacity, single piece strainer pot/volute for increased strength and quieter operation with an easy release, clear Lexan cover.The pump is U.L. and NSF Listed with a  commercial grade 56-frame, continuous duty, energy efficient motor.  The motor is 3 HP, 230-volt single phase, 59 or 60 Hz.. Please refer to the cut sheet for technical and hydraulic data as well as the pump cures.


  • Pump motor must be adequately guarded against heat, dirt, and moisture
  • Pump room must be ventilated a a rate of 25 CFM per horsepower
  • Maximum recommended suction lift: 4′ above lowest pool water level; suction side of pump will require a check valve for self-priming applications (by installer).
  • Pump must be running at full speed to achieve prime

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