RWSP-XF Self-Priming Pump; 2, 3, 5HP

The RWSP-XF Self-Priming Pump is a single stage, centrifugal self-priming pump designed for general pumping service from dry, remote locations.  It is designed for use above or below fountain pool water level elevation.  The compact design conserves pump room floor space while permitting maximum operating efficiency in a horizontal position.  Applications include small to medium architectural fountain systems requiring a remote pumping system.  Capacities for the RWSP-XF range from 60 to 280 GPM at 25 to 90 feet of head. The RWSP-XF Series features an extra-large capacity, single piece strainer pot/volute for increased strength and quieter operation.  Pump uses stainless steel fasteners throughout.  It has a commercial grade 56-frame motor for continuous duty. The motor is available in 208-240-volt single phase (2 HP thru 5 HP), and 208/230/460 volt three phase (2 thru 5 HP), 60 Hz., 3,450 RPM. Single-phase motors are U.L. Listed.  Please refer to the cut sheet for technical and hydraulic data as well as pump curves.


  • Pump motor must be adequately guarded against heat, dirt, and moisture.
  • Pump room must be ventilated at a rate of 25 CFM per horsepower
  • Maximum suction lift:  4′ above lowest pool water level; suction side of pump will require a check valve for self-priming operations (by installer).

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