Water Storage/Surge Tank

The RWST Series Water Storage/Surge Tank is used for surge/storage applications on fountain systems where there is no traditional pool.  The tank is typical in “Dry Deck” applications where water from nozzles is collected into a gravity drain system and returned to a remote storage tank.  The RWST Series is a  non-corrosive FRP or Linear Polyethylene, designed for durability and watertight storage. Unit is complete with locking hatchway, internal safety ladder, and all required fittings based on project design requirements (LOCK BY INSTALLER).  Please refer to the cut sheet for additional technical data and available sizes.


  •  Other capacities available; consult factory.
  •  Follow all ‘OSHA’ confined space procedures for maintenance & servicing of tank.
  •  Do not use for drinking water, install in path of vehicles, or install in high water table areas.
  •  Fitting sizes and locations shown ‘typical’ only. Final sizing and locations will depend on specific job requirements.
  •  Electronic level sensor control available as a separate item. (Use RCOM-RNF or RNFT SERIES).

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