RHSP Series Heavy Duty Bronze Submersible Pump; 1/3 – 2HP

The RHSP Series Heavy Duty Bronze Submersible Pump is a heavy duty pump designed for general pumping service for submersible, in-fountain locations. This unit is of all bronze body construction with a  264 square inch wrap around stainless steel perforated suction screen (5/32″ dia. openings), Ceramic-carbon seal, permanent split capacitor motor, and built-in automatic current and thermal overload protection. The RHSP Series features an oil-filled motor chamber with diaphragm pressure equalizer, oil-filled shaft chamber, floor mounting brackets and 9 ft. of 16-3 submersible cable and floor mounting brackets. It is available in 1/3 H.P. to 3/4 H.P in a 120 volt, single phase 60 Hz as well as 1 H.P. to 2 H.P/230 volt, single phase.  Outlet is 1 3/4″ O.D. for hose and clamp connection. This unit is U.L. Listed. Please refer to the cut sheet for technical and hydraulic data, as well as pump curves.


  • Do not operate 1, 1.5, or 2 H.P. units on  208v. or premature motor failure will occur and will not be covered under warranty
  • For use in decorative fountains only.  NOT designed for use in swimming pools or in fountains that share water common to a swimming pool or spa
    • A suitable Class ‘A’ type G.F.C.I. protected motor control circuit must be provided by installer, for human safety and operation, per Section 680 of the N.E.C.

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